The globally recognized gold standard tracer for absolute blood flow measurements is 15O-water, which is used in many clinical studies as the benchmark.

So far, 15O-water has been limited in clinical practice due to the short half-life and the difficult tasks of analyzing the image data. MedTrace’s solution of hardware and analytical software will, following regulatory approval, overcome these challenges and give doctors access to clinical use of 15O-water.

Benefit #1

Clinical Access to gold standard perfusion tracer.

Benefit #2

Fast patient turnaround.

Benefit #3

Ultra-low radiation dose.

Benefit #4

In-house production.

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”The availability of a reliable approved system for bed-side production of 15O-water could change 15O-water PET from an exotic research tool to a clinical workhorse”

Martin Stenfeldt, CEO, MedTrace Pharma