MedTrace to partner with Mayo Clinic in oncology study

As part of the recently closed equity fundraising, MedTrace also signed a know-how license agreement with Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN, USA) embarking on the already installed P3 prototype and the aQuant software.

The scope of the agreement is outlined in the press release below.

Press Release

May 27th, 2020


Mayo Clinic (USA) and MedTrace Pharma A/S (Denmark) entering into know-how license agreement to advance PET-imaging diagnostics in oncology

The parties have entered into a know-how license agreement which centers around a pilot study evaluating tumor blood flow in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSMLC) with both 18F-FDG and 15O-water. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN will conduct the study and provide know-how to MedTrace, which in turn will develop new diagnostic software for improving the accuracy in assessing tumor malignancy. The objective is to develop a platform for oncological imaging that can better determine tumor malignancy at an earlier stage than current clinical routine.

Aggressive cancers consume more nutrients, which is why glucose imaging with 18F-FDG PET is widely used in cancer staging. However, tumors with high or heterogeneous blood flow are often aggressive, too, and harder to treat. Adding 15O-water blood flow imaging to clinical 18F-FDG glucose imaging is therefore an ideal solution to improve tumor staging. In this collaboration between Mayo Clinic and MedTrace, we will develop protocols and analysis tools to measure both glucose use and blood flow efficiently in a busy clinical practice.

As part of the agreement, Mayo Clinic will become a shareholder in MedTrace Pharma A/S.

Martin Stenfeldt, CEO and co-founder of MedTrace Pharma: “This is an exciting opportunity for a development stage company to enter into a partnership with an esteemed institution like Mayo Clinic. Together we have the expertise to develop novel tools that can hopefully help doctors detect tumor aggressiveness early enough to increase the likelihood of cure. We are also proud to welcome Mayo Clinic as a shareholder and look forward to maintaining a long-term partnership”.


About MedTrace Pharma A/S

MedTrace Pharma A/S is a development stage company aiming to innovate PET diagnostic imaging by transforming blood flow quantification.

MedTrace was founded with the belief that we can improve diagnostic accuracy in PET blood flow examinations to the benefit of patients globally. It is our ambition to make 15O-water PET clinically available, to help usher in a new era in diagnostic medicine.

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