First Production of 15O-water

First Production of 15O-water using the MedTrace bedside P3 system It was a moment of great joy, when MedTrace Pharma, together with local staff at Aarhus University Hospital, this Saturday (March 2nd, 2019) produced the first test-dose of 15O-water using the new MedTrace 15O-water generator, the P3 system. The testdose was 1,669 MBq (volume: 2ml) […]

First Prototype Installed

First Prototype Installed We are proud to announce that we, with support from Kapacitet A/S, this weekend successfully installed our first fully functional prototype – the P3 system – at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark.  The P3 system is capable of converting 15O gas from the cyclotron into 15O-water and inject it into the patient undergoing […]