We are a development stage company aiming to innovate PET diagnostic imaging.

Cardiac patients’ access to the most sensitive imaging technique (PET) is today predominantly limited by lack of tracer availability. We are determined to make the PET blood flow tracer 15O-water clinically available making it possible for doctors to broaden the use of PET imaging in cardiology. The tracer 15O-water is a versatile tool with great clinical potential in multiple disease areas.

Our vision

We are aiming to innovate PET diagnostic imaging by transforming blood flow quantification.

MedTrace Pharma A/S was founded with the belief that we can improve diagnostic accuracy in PET perfusion examinations to the benefit of patients globally. It is our ambition to make 15O-water PET clinically available for all cardiac patients and to help usher in a new era in diagnostic medicine.

Pathway to market

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MedTrace is currently preparing for a confirmatory multi-center pivotal Phase III trial in cardiology evaluating 15O-water PET versus invasive coronary angiography and current best practice SPECT imaging. The trial will be conducted under an IND with FDA supervision and includes patients from EU, North America and Japan.

Core values



Diagnostic medicine must be accurate to guide treatment for the patient (personalized medicine). By making 15O-water clinically available we contribute to raising the accuracy.



Safety is paramount in healthcare. MedTrace believes that 15O-water PET will be proven as a safe alternative to other imaging techniques, and that the low radiation burden of 15O-water will be beneficial to the common health of the population.



With an aging population, healthcare efficiency is more important than ever. By shortening the overall procedure time for patients and staff as well as raising the accuracy, MedTrace intends to raise healthcare efficiency.

The MedTrace Team

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Long-term partnerships

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”The availability of a reliable approved system for bed-side production of 15O-water could change 15O-water PET from an exotic research tool to a clinical workhorse”

Martin Stenfeldt, CEO, MedTrace Pharma