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Radioactive water (O-15 H2O) is the gold standard for quantifying blood flow. We’re making it practically available for routine use.

More accurate

Simpler kinetics compared to other known tracers

Better safety

Increased safety for patients and reduced staff risk

Faster turnaround

Three double exams (stress and rest) per hour, eight hours or more per day!


MedTrace (Denmark) has developed several novel safety features, which combined will revolutionize blood flow imaging in PET. Our solution automates bedside production and infusion of radioactive water in the PET scanner suite – just in time for medical demands. The solution consists of a remote operated unit producing the radioactive water and two disposable kits, including a daily kit for production, and a patient kit for infusion.

The MedTrace system is considered a platform technology. Our first priority is the heart study application, subsequently brain and tumor vascularization and diabetes studies. Micro-vascular applications will be considered as well.

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“The flow of water through the tissues is essentially what makes life possible. All diseases affect the flow of water one way or another. This opens up powerful opportunities of diagnosis using 15O-water and PET”

Professor Jens Soerensen MD PhD, PET Centre, Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden



Today’s myocardie perfusion exams use TC99m, Rb-82 and NH3 to treat patients. The globally recognized gold standard tracer for blood flow analysis is O-15 H2O (radioactive water), which is used in most clinical studies as the benchmark. The short half-life of radioactive water as well as lack of regulatory approved equipment has limited its use in clinical practice so far. MedTrace is a Danish life science startup that has developed a fully automated water system with unique and patent- pending safety features. Connected to an in-house cyclotron, the MedTrace water system will efficiently produce radioactive water and inject it into the patient in the PET scanner.


Access to gold standard tracer (O-15 H2O) for routine blood flow exams
Faster patient turnaround (2-3 double-tests/hour)
Absolute safety for patients and staff
In-house production of the tracer- no 3rd party logistics dependencies
Oncology Tumor microvasculature
Neurology   Functional bloodflow – Apoplexy, Alzheimer’s
Diabetes Diabetec foot
Cardiology Take out “the gold standard”
Clinical physiology Organ blood supply
Tissue perfusion Ischemic muscle, collateral blood supply
Tumor microvasculature.
Blood flow to selected brain domains, incl. quantification of apoplexy, alzheimer, dementia, schizophrenia etc.
Diabetec foot.
Myocardial perfusion – the gold standard.
Clinical Physiology
General organ specific blood perfusion, for organ functionality assessment.
Tissue perfusion
Ischemic muscle, collateral blood supply.



We are a Danish based startup with an international agenda. Having experienced the challenges with false results in myocardial perfusion imaging, we are determined to make radioactive water (O-15 H2O) practically available for clinical use allowing doctors to use the gold standard in the clinic.


MedTrace currently collaborates with Scandinavian university hospitals and global industry partners within nuclear medicine. We are still looking for interested clinical, technological and commercial international partners.

“The availability of a reliable CE approved system for bed-side production of O-15 water could change O-15 water PET from an exotic research tool to a clinical workhorse”

Physicist Lars Poulsen Tolbod, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark


Martin Stenfeldt

Martin Stenfeldt


Rune Wiik Kristensen

Rune Wiik Kristensen


Peter Larsen

Peter Larsen


Jillian Messina

Jillian Messina

MarCom Specialist

Open Position

Open Position

Head of Quality Assurance (Full-time)

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Pernille R. Vergmann

Pernille R. Vergmann

Project Coordinator – Design & Engineering

Open Position

Open Position

Head of Software Development (Full-time)

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Karina Kück

Karina Kück

Student Assistant - Scientific Affairs


Bjarne Henning Jensen

Bjarne Henning Jensen

Chairman of the board, MedTrace A/S

Bjarne holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering as well as a business degree in communication. Bjarne has both venture and operational/strategic industry background. He serves as CEO of SydDansk Teknologisk Innovation who is one of MedTrace’s main investors.
Mads Rasmussen

Mads Rasmussen

Vice-chairman of the board, MedTrace A/S

Mads holds an engineering degree combined with a business degree in accounting and finance. Bjarne has a thorough industrial background combined with investor experience. Mads serves as Partner in the business accelerator Accelerace and as Investment Director in WelfareTech Invest who is one of MedTrace’s investors.
Bernt Skou Jensen

Bernt Skou Jensen

Member of the board, MedTrace A/S

Bernt holds a master degree in engineering combined with a MBA. Bernt has global exposure and a solid background in manufacturing. Bernt is now self-employed as management consultant in U-Turn Company.


Dorte Thulstrup

Dorte Thulstrup

With a background in regulatory affairs and quality management in life sciences, Dorte guides MedTrace through the world of compliance.
Henrik Harboe

Henrik Harboe

Henrik is a MD and background and an experienced entrepreneur in the medical device field and provides general feedback on our business plan as well as company development.
Henrik Jeppesen

Henrik Jeppesen

Henrik’s background as industrial designer and his experience in the medical device field serves as great foundation for discussions on product and customer development.
Henrik Nagel

Henrik Nagel

Henrik has for the past two decades worked in R&D leadership functions of large Danish medical device companies. This experience serves as good inspiration for MedTrace’s technological development pathway.



DTC Award

We are confident that the introduction of the MedTrace solution will be a paradigm shift in diagnostic imaging impacting most known disease areas.

Rune Wiik Kristensen, CSO, MedTrace A/S






We believe that making O-15 H2O practically available for clinical use will change the world of blood flow perfusion exams. Want to stay in contact and follow our journey? – Let us know! Sign up for our news feed, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
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